Rainier ForeclosureHave you found yourself behind on your mortgage payments? Are you facing foreclosure? Is a bank or trustee sending you angry letters? We here at Rainier Home Buyers understand that going through a foreclosure can be an extremely stressful time. We have helped countless homeowners facing foreclosure navigate through the oftentimes complicated process.

How do I Avoid Foreclosure?

Being behind on your mortgage payments doesn’t mean that you have to lose your house to the bank through foreclosure. Foreclosure can be extremely damaging to your credit, and you want to avoid it at all costs. There are multiple options to help you stop foreclosure:

  1. If the bank has already turned over your account to a trustee, the foreclosure process has begun. You can solve this by having your loan reinstated. The reinstatement process means paying the bank the money for the payments and interest you missed, as well as paying the trustee any and all legal and administrative fees. If you are able to get enough money to do all of this and reinstate the loan, the foreclosure proceeding will immediately be stopped.
  2. Time permitting, you can list your home with a realtor and sell it before the date that your home will be auctioned off. This can be a risky choice, as the buyer may not be able to settle before the auction date. Also, if you have equity in your home, you may not want to risk the many things that could potentially go wrong and stop the sale. If any of those things happen, the chances of your home going to auction are greatly increased.
  3. You can call Rainier Home Buyers at 1-877-747-2730 and get a quick offer to purchase your house and save your equity. We can help you reinstate your loan and help you save your credit by making a few mortgage payments on your behalf.

To get the process started, or if you just want some additional information on how to avoid foreclosure, then contact us today at 1-877-747-2730 or fill out the form below!